Monday, October 4, 2010

Inspirational People, Chandra Sturrup

I am very pleased to post an interview I had with track and field star Chandra Sturrup. Chandra has competed in 4 Olympics in which she has won a gold and a silver medal. Chandra is still at the top of her game after 16years of competing against the top athletes in the world, which is truly amazing.

Darvis: Where were you born and where did you grow-up?
Chandra: I was born in Nassau, Bahamas and grew up there.

Darvis: What is your profession?
Chandra: My profession is an Elite Track and Field Athlete.

Darvis: What got you into track and field?
Chandra: I started track and field at a very young age and enjoyed competing, I was involved in different sports and took more interest in track and field.

Darvis: Were you always a fast runner?
Chandra: I would say that I was always a fast runner, because when i was younger I would alway want to compete against the boys because the girls were afraid to compete against me.

Darvis: You are the Bahamian national record holder for the women’s 100 meters, how does that make you feel?
Chandra: I am a Bahamian National record holder and its an honor to have a record for this long. Its a goal for me every time I compete to try and break that record.

Darvis: Are you treated as a celebrity in your country?
Chandra: I don't like to use the word celebrity; but yes I am considered a Bahamian celebrity.

Darvis: You’ve had a very long and successful career, when did you start running professionally?
Chandra: I started running professionally in 1996 after the Olympic games in Atlanta, Georgia.

Darvis: How many Olympic Games have you participated in?
Chandra: I have competed in four (4) Olympic games. Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008

Darvis: How many Olympic medals?
Chandra: I have two (2) Olympic medals. Gold and Silver 4 x 100m relay.

Darvis: What do you call your greatest achievement in the Olympics?
Chandra: My greatest achievement in the Olympics was winning the gold medal in Sydney.

Darvis: You also compete in the World Championships. Explain to us what these games are. Chandra: The World Championship is a mini olympics just for that particular sport (track and field). In track and field, there are two types of World Championship. The Indoor and Outdoor World Championship, which is held every other year.

Darvis: How many World Championship medals do you have?
Chandra: I think I have about six or seven indoor and outdoor medals combined.

Darvis: Who has been or is your greatest inspiration in life?
Chandra: My son has been my greatest inspiration in my life. He has always been the drive that made me want to do good in all that I did and to be a better person.

Darvis: Tell us a little about the dedication and work it takes to stay on top of the game as long as you have.
Chandra: I think one has to be discipline, dedicated, determine and focus on whatever task is at hand. I realized very early that in order for me to have a successful practice, I had to go prepared mentally and physically.

Darvis: What are your future plans after your track career?
Chandra: I would like to probably do some coaching, and take a chance and follow one of my all time dreams (interior design/ decorating). I would also like get involve in with some charitable work.

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