Sunday, April 23, 2017

Lat Pulldown and Bent Over Dumbbell Row, Two Exercises to Develop and Strengthen Your Upper-Back

Having a strong upper-back is not only essential for good posture it also aids in stabilizing your shoulder girdle which reduces the chances of developing shoulder weakness and pain.  Lat pulldowns and bent over dumbbell rows are two excellent exercises for developing and strengthening your upper-back muscles.  Please click here to see the complete post...

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Leg Strength is the Foundation of a Strong Body

Leg strength is the foundation of a strong body and makes doing the activities of everyday living easier.  Your legs are involved in every step you take, whether it’s on the golf course, the tennis court, or shopping at the grocery store.  Building and maintaining your leg muscles becomes even more important the older you get because they stabilize your knee and hip joints, and reduce the likelihood of developing pain and weakness in these areas.

Here are three of my favorite exercises to strengthen and build your legs.  Do these exercises one or two times each week and see how stronger you feel in about three months.  Click here to read entire article...

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Having Muscle is Important to Our Overall Health

Muscles aren’t just for bodybuilders. They’re for everyone. We are physiologically designed to have a fair amount of muscle mass built through regular exercise. Muscle mass that allows us to metabolize carbohydrates efficiently, recover from injury or illness, and maintain our strength, resilience and health into old age.

The importance of muscle mass, strength, and metabolic function in the performance of exercise, as well as the activities of daily living has never been questioned. However, the role our muscles play in whole-body protein metabolism is less recognized.  Click here to see the entire post...

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Reverse Wood Chops on a Bosu is Great for Improved Balance and Core Strength

Having a strong core is crucial to having good balance.  Using a BOSU as part of your exercise routine is great for increasing your core strength and improving your balance, and reverse wood chops standing on a BOSU is one of my favorites. Watch as I Click here for entire post...