Monday, November 14, 2011

Heard of Qivana Yet?

Every heard of a company name Qivana? Neither had I, but that’s not unusual. I’m a personal trainer and I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for over 17 years and I’ve been approached by more network marketing companies with their so called cutting edge nutritional products than I can count.

Earlier in my career I’d gotten involved with a couple of these companies only to find that their nutritional products didn’t deliver half of what they claimed and they were mostly based on pseudo science. I have to admit, I came away feeling very negative about these network marketing based nutritional companies. It seemed these companies were all about making money and cared little about the product they were selling.

I like making money too, however for me to stand behind a product and sell it, it has to be of very high quality and company must also be of high integrity. I’d always thought that the network marketing idea was a great way to leverage myself but I had never found a product or a company that I felt good enough to get involved with. That is until recently when I came across a company named Qivana.

When I was first approached about Qivana and saw that it was a network marketing based nutritional company I thought, “oh no, here’s another one of those companies pushing some half-baked nutritional product.” However, I am an open minded person and I did some research about the company and I ordered some of their products to sample for myself. I was very impressed with the quality of their products. I thought about joining there company, but my plate was full with my personal training business and I had just opened a studio.

A few weeks later I got the opportunity to hear Dr. Marcus Laux speak about Qivana. Dr. Laux is a well renowned naturopathic physician who created one of the Qivana product systems. I was impressed. However, I was more impressed by what Dr. Laux said to his audience about health and healthy weight loss. It was the same things that I personally do and recommend to my clients.

I had found a nutritional company that base their products on the philosophy that I have adhered to for over 25 years to maintain my health and fitness. I had to become a part of this company and I did. The more I find out about Qivana and it’s line of amazing natural nutritional products the more I am impressed. If you haven’t heard of Qivana, believe me you will soon.

Check out this amazing company and it’s products at

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