Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Eat a Healthy Breakfast

I was meeting with a new client for the first time last week, and I ask the him what he typically ate for breakfast to which his reply was, "I eat a healthy breakfast which consist of bran cereal with skim milk, a piece of fruit, and a glass on orange juice."  I dare to say that if you asked most people they would probably think my client was eating a very healthy breakfast each morning.

So, I pointed out to my client that while he thought he had eaten a well rounded healthy breakfast, his meal was missing something very important, protein.  "Why is protein so important," he asked?  Then I explained that everything he had eaten that morning except for the skim milk was all carbohydrates and it would all be converted into blood sugar in his body and thus cause a rise in his insulin level to store most of what he had eaten as body fat.  I further explained importance of having protein in his breakfast to balance this insulin response, to vitalize his lean muscle mass, and cause his body to burn body fat rather than store it.

Unfortunately, most people eat a very high carbohydrate based breakfast and put their bodies in fat storage mode first thing in the morning.  Eating this way not only causes spikes in your insulin level, it also causes crashes in your energy level, and leads to craving more high carbohydrate foods.  It's what I call the vicious carb cycle.

On the other hand, a balanced breakfast of about 30 grams of protein, and 30 grams of complex carbohydrates starts your morning by stabilizing your blood sugar and vitalizing lean muscle to burn body fat.  Eating this way causes you to feel energized and satisfied until your next meal.  I recently found the perfeclyt balanced breakfast called Metaboliq created by Dr. Donald K. Layman, a world-renowned expert in obesity, diabetes, and sports nutrition.

Until I found the Metaboliq system, I made my own shake for breakfast which consisted of whey protein, fresh berries, and flax seed oil.  About 18 months ago I tried the Metaboliq shake for breakfast and I have been using them every since.  The first thing I noticed about the Metaboliq shake was the increase in my energy level. Then, after about 3 months I noticed that my waist was getting smaller and I was getting leaner without changing anything else in my diet or my workouts.

I started recommending the Metaboliq system to my clients and they have seen similar results.  So, as you have always heard; "breakfast is the most important meal of the day."

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