Friday, November 1, 2013

Decreasing Health Risks with Fitness

Great guest post by Kishana Sainte

Aging is something that happens to us all. As we grow older our organs, muscles, bones and ligaments lose their vibrancy, but there is one thing we can do for ourselves to combat the negative effects of aging. Exercise!

Especially for people in society that are over the age of 40, staying true to an effective fitness regime is mandatory for improving and keeping a high quality of life. There are a variety of different ways that exercising and staying fit can help a person. Here are a few examples.

Reducing the chances of cancer: A definite concern as we age is the risk of cancer. It is a devastating disease that no one wants to face. Studies have proven that working out and staying fit are your best bet in fighting the evil C. For example, experts say that a committed fitness plan can reduce the chances of colon, breast and prostate cancer, some as much as 50%. In addition, a regular fitness routine has shown to be effective in lowering the rate of pre and post-menopausal women developing cancer by nearly 30%. According to studies done by both the American Cancer Society and the Nurse’s Health Study, exercise done at a mellow level can reduce the possibility of cancer reoccurrence. Not only is exercise showing to be beneficial for people avoiding cancer, but it is also positively affective for patients undergoing chemotherapy as it assists with fatigue.

Increasing the capacity of the aging mind: Another issue that becomes evident with age is the slowing down of the mental capabilities and memory loss. Exercise has proven to be beneficial for both increased retention of energy as well as reaction time. Being fit and active has also proven to be beneficial in fighting Alzheimer’s. Experts and doctors agree that low intensity exercise for patients of Alzheimer’s helps with patient depression as well as better mobility. Sticking to a fitness plan has also been shown to be positive for patients of Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and other neurological diseases. Not only does it help in lubricating the joints and avoiding becoming stiff, but it also helps with muscle loss.

Keeping a positive attitude: Aging can be depressing at times. It is proven in a variety of studies that staying fit and exercising is mandatory for staying happy as we age. Doing activities such as yoga, meditation, running, and bike riding have all shown themselves to be beneficial in reducing stress, depression, and anxiety. Especially for aging people, staying fit is demonstrating a healing ability where antidepressants have failed.

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