Friday, February 13, 2015

Step-ups, a Great Exercise for Shaping Your Backside

Although we are in the midst of "Old Man Winter's" grip, warm weather is not far away and now is the time to shape up for your spring and summer wardrobe.  Below is one of my favorite exercises for shaping your backside so you can look and feel good in your warm weather wear. The exercise is simply called step-ups.  Incorporate this exercise as a regular part of your workout routine and notice how firm and tone your butt becomes.

Step ups are great for developing and shaping your butt.  With this exercise you will do 10 repetitions on one leg followed by 10 repetitions with the other.  Hold a dumbbell in each hand and position yourself in front of a bench.  Place one foot flat on top of the bench, positioning your body to make a right angle at your knee.  With your chest held high and shoulders square step up through your heel and lightly tap the bench with your other foot before returning to the starting position.  Breathing pattern for this exercise is to exhale as you step up and inhale as you step back down.