Friday, June 12, 2015

Mental Mastery Part 3, You are a Creative Being

This is a continuation of my posts on mental mastery.  I can't tell you that mastering your thoughts will be easy, but I can tell you the results are well worth the effort.

You are always creating the circumstances and conditions of your life via your thoughts and beliefs. What you believe to be true will always manifest in your life as a condition or circumstance. Behind every condition and circumstance in your life is an underlying thought and belief. If you want to know the sum total of your thoughts and beliefs, just look at the conditions and circumstances presently in your life. This is a very sobering exercise, but you must accept it if you want to create the life that you desire.

As previously mentioned, thoughts are things and when you give a thought your attention you give it energy by allowing it to be planted in your mind. The more attention you give the thought the more you nurture and energize it until it becomes a belief and blossoms into a condition in your life. You are always thinking, and thus, always creating something and herein lies the problems and the solutions in your life.

Most people allow their minds to aimlessly wander and so they allow random thoughts to be planted in their mental garden. Some of these thoughts are constructive and they bloom into constructive conditions, while others are destructive and they blossom into undesirable conditions. Consequently, most people believe the conditions and circumstances of their lives just randomly happen. They get some things that they want and other things they don’t want.

Look at it like this, you are the architect of your life and the thoughts you allow to take root in your mind are the blueprint by which your life is built. If you don’t like the house you built you can remodel it or completely tear it down and build one you like but, you can only do this by changing your thoughts.

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