Saturday, December 5, 2015

Want to Increase Your Metabolism? Strength Train

Science is revealing more and more information about how important building and maintaining muscle is to your health especially as you age.  Losing muscle as you age is a natural process and along with that muscle loss is a corresponding decrease in your metabolism and a consequential increase in fat storage.  Thus as you age, you lose muscle and you you get fatter (yet, another negative aspect of aging).

But, be of good cheer you can do something to counter this process, and it's called strength training on a weekly basis.  Strength training is simply a form of exercise in which you lift a resistance that's more than your body weight and your body responds by increasing your muscle size to adapt to the increased demand.

Look at it like this, your muscle mass is the engine in your body that burns calories.  The larger the engine, the more calories you burn.  But unlike an automobile engine, your muscles burn calories when you are both moving and resting.  Thus, as you build more muscle mass through strength training you increase the amount of calories you burn each day even when you are asleep.  Regular strength training increases your resting metabolism by about 7 percent which is typically more than an additional 100 calories burned per day while you are resting.  Other things being equal, that amounts to almost 1 pound of fat loss per month just to sustain your normal metabolic function. 

Just think, by strength training of a regular basis (2 to 3, thirty minute sessions weekly) you can increase your metabolism and lose body fat.  This is s much better and healthier way of reshaping your body than dieting.

You can start strength training now and reshape your body in a few months.  Download my Beginner's, Intermediate, and Advanced strength training programs by clicking here: Forever Fit and Firm.