Friday, May 20, 2016

Balanced Life Living Life From Within

 A must read if you feel like getting ahead in your life is a losing battle.


Ever feel as if there is no purpose to your life and each day is just the same as yesterday? Do you feel you struggle through life while others have it so easy? Ever ask yourself why am I trying so hard and nothing seems to go right for me? What about that empty feeling you have and nothing you do seems to satisfy it? Ever watch the news and think that if God is real why is the world so messed up?

If you’ve ever felt any of these things you are not alone. Everyone struggles at times to find meaning in their life. If you’ve ever felt like you are on a journey and you have no idea of where it will end, then this book is for you.

Some people seem to breeze through life as if they have a guide that’s always showing them the easy way. There is such a life force.  This way of living will bring you peace and harmony in all aspects of your life and if that is what you seek, then read on.

As early as I can remember I always felt a presence with me something within me that was an internal guide. Whenever I would follow that internal guidance things would turn out well for me no matter the circumstance I found myself in. For instance, when I was around age seven, being rambunctious as kids are at that age, I was playing with a pair of scissors and accidently punctured a hole in my mother’s brand new sofa. I was so afraid to tell my mother what had happened that I made up all kinds of stories in my head of what to say to her. Then this inner guide gently said, “Tell your mother the truth and all will be okay.” So I did. My mother was understandably upset at seeing the hole in her new sofa, but she assured me that everyone makes mistakes and that she loved me far more than a sofa. She was proud of me for telling the truth. Ever since that day I have sought that internal guidance in all that I do.

I now know the internal guide in me is Divine Love and Divine Love loves me in spite of the mistakes I make. It understands just as my mother did when I put a hole in her brand new sofa. This same Divine Love resides in everyone and is simply awaiting our recognition of It.

The Divine Love I’m talking about permeates all life. It is the Invisible Life Force that animates and governs all we see—from the movement of the heavenly bodies, to the changing of the seasons, to the beating of one’s heart. Some call this Life Force God, some call it Spirit, and others call it Universal Life. No matter what you call it, you must realize it is Everywhere Present, All Knowing, and All Powerful in order to fully benefit from It in your life. This Life Force created, maintains, and sustains you. It is the intelligence that orchestrates the billions of interactions that happen in your body each day that keeps you alive.

You have unlimited access to this awesome Life Force through your consciousness. As a matter of fact, this Life Force beckons you to recognize it. It stands always ready to come to your aid, but it will not come unless invited. It knows how to guide you easily and harmoniously in accomplishing all your tasks, both great and small.

You exist as an expression of this great Life Force as spirit, mind, and body. In order to live a fulfilled and joyful life you need to recognize and balance these three dimensions. There is a rhythm to life that once entered and maintained, makes things flow easily and harmoniously with little stress.

The object of this book is to help you understand this Life Force, and how to be in tune with It to create the life you truly desire. Take a journey with me and transform your body, mind, and spirit. We will explore balance from the inside out starting with spiritual energy, the spiritual laws and mental energy. Then my co-author, Alisha Lalji, will share the healing modalities that completely transformed her life. The latter part of the book will start a conversation about health, fitness and nutrition—all subjects especially dear to me since I’m a personal trainer. Alisha and I thank you for taking this journey of health and well-being with us and can’t wait to hear about your results.

“All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made. In Him was life; and the life was the light of men.” —John 1:3-4.

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