Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Great Post-Workout Stretching Routine

Stretching immediately after a workout is a great way to improve flexibility and lessen soreness.  Here is one of my favorite post-workout stretching routines I do with my clients and with myself.

Shoulder and Chest Stretch

Stand tall with your chest held high.  Reach behind your back with both hands and interlock your fingers.  Pull your shoulders back and down until you feel the stretch.  Then hold that position for 30 seconds.  Breathe normally.

Triceps Stretch

Stand tall and lift your chest.  Reach over your head with one hand and touch the opposite side of your back.  Take the other hand, and place it on top of your elbow.  Now, gently pull your elbow down until you feel a stretch in your triceps.  Hold that position for 30 seconds, then relax and do the other side.  Breathe normally.  Click here to read the entire article...