Thursday, September 9, 2010

Age is Not a Matter of Years, It's a State of Mind

A senior citizen in trying to slow down his pr...Image via WikipediaTruthfully you are only 11 months old. Every cell in your body is replaced every 11 months. Old worn out cells are replaced by new healthy cells. Your body is designed to be healthy and fit for all of your life; not just in your youth. If this is true and it is, then why do some many people complain of "the aches and pains of growing old?"

Here is what I believe. Human's measure time in seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months, and years. The past is only the things that you have experienced. The present is the things you experience now. And the future is the things that you expect to experience. So, time is just a collection of your experiences past, present, and future.

While you cannot change your past experiences, you can change your future experiences by changing your expectations of the future. Your body conforms to the things that you expect. If you expect your health and physical fitness to decline as you age then it will. If you expect to healthy and fit as you age, then you will be.

Remember, your body rebuilds itself every 11 months and it rebuilds according to the your expectations. Therefore, age is only a state of mind and not a matter of years.

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