Monday, September 6, 2010

My Clients Motivate Me To Stay Fit

Personal Training Overlooking Melbourne Catego...Image via WikipediaI'm a personal trainer and part of my job is to motivate my clients to workout regularly. However, I often find that my clients motivate me to workout when I have one of those days that I just don't feel like going to the gym.

Being a personal trainer means I am also a role model. I've got to stay fit in order for my clients follow my advice. Would you go to a dentist who had rotten teeth? The same logic goes for me, would you pay a personal trainer who's fat and out-of-shape? No.

The majority of my clients are over 40 years old. They want to recapture their youthful energy and shape. I'm in my 50s and I show them that is possible. I'm stronger and more fit now than I was in my 20s. Thus, I have to stay in-shape.

So, when I have one of those days that I don't feel like working-out, I just think about my clients who look at me as their role model. I can't let them down nor can I afford to let myself down consequently, I find my way to the gym and I have a good workout.

To all my clients out there. Thank you for motivating me to stay fit.
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