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Improve Your Cardiovascular Health With Nitric Oxide

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The future of cardiovascular health has been revolutionized by one single molecule called Nitric Oxide.  The discovery of Nitric Oxide and its function has been called one of the most important findings in the history of cardiovascular medicine. Its continual production in the body is essential to the health and longevity of the cardiovascular system.

Nitric Oxide also know as N-O, is a gas that is naturally produced throughout the body which acts as a messenger enabling several critical processes.  When produced it sends a message to the blood vessels to relax and expand.  Thus, the end result of N-O production is increased blood flow and better circulation, making it literally the key to healthier living. Improved circulation means more oxygen and vital nutrients being distributed to muscles, organs, and tissues.

Good health starts and ends with your heart and an efficient vascular system.  Everyday your heart beats approximately 100,000 times, moving over 2,000 gallons of blood through more than 100,000 miles of  blood vessels.  Because it's delivering oxygen and vital nutrients throughout the body healthy circulation is critical to the health of every cell, organ, and function in the body.

As you age your body's ability to produce beneficial levels of N-O decreases, thus causing a loss in the efficiency of your vascular system to deliver blood throughout your body. When your body produces less N-O, your arteries begin to stiffen and narrow which can lead to elevated blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, chronic inflammation, and decreased sexual function.

There are numerous products on the market that use an amino acid called L-arginine  as a primary ingredient to boost N-O production in the body.  However, scientist estimate that as much as 50 percent of N-O in the body comes from sources other than L-arginine.  Also, the body's process of converting L-arginine to N-O is complex and requires several additional molecules to be present in order for completion.

Now a company called Qivana has introduced a unique all botanically based product called Prime Nitric Oxide Activator which doesn't rely entirely on L-arginine as a precursor to N-O production in the body.  Prime Nitric Oxide Activator is the only product on the market which causes your body to use all it's know pathways to increase and restore N-O levels in the body.

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