Monday, January 30, 2012

The Eating To Maximize Fat Burning

I've been drinking protein based shakes for breakfast for many years.  I always mix some whey protein, and frozen fruit, to make a smoothie with the right combination of protein, carbohydrates and fat.  Combining the proper ratios of protein, carbohydrates, and fat to maximize fat burning is what I've done as a natural bodybuilder for over 20 years.  I know it works because at 217 lbs I keep my body fat below 12 percent year around.

Several months ago I was introduced to a natural nutritional company called Qivana, that made a meal replacement shake based on the correct ratio of nutrients to maximize fat burning in your body.  I've tried the shakes for over 4 months now and I must confess that I've gotten even leaner without eating or training any differently than normal.  Finally, there's a company manufacturing a product that actually helps your body to burn fat more efficiently.  The product is called Metaboliq.  I suggest you try it for yourself.

You can find this product and more information about this amazing company by following this link: Qivana

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