Friday, August 26, 2016

The Benefits Of Protein As You Age

 Image result for protein rich foodsProtein is one of the most important resources for the body, and is considered a "macronutrient," a nutrient which is necessary in large amounts to maintain a healthy body. Protein is found in every cell of the human body, and almost entirely composes some parts of it such as hair or fingernails. But how does it help you in old age? Protein is also hugely important for muscle growth, recovery, and maintenance, and as you get older, that will become more important. As you age, your muscles start to naturally atrophy, and unless action is taken early and regularly to maintain them, you'll find yourself unable to be fit or get fit in your old age. With a high protein diet, you help your body to build up strong, lean muscle early on.

Protein has also been linked to a range of other health benefits, in particular weight loss. High-protein diets sate you better, curbing hunger earlier without additional caloric intake. That means you'll have the urge to eat less, and you won't pack on pounds as a result. Note, however, that this doesn't mean you should eat a lot of meat. Many cuts of meat end up being more fattening than just about anything else, and so the best way to get high levels of protein are through fish, poultry, beans, and supplements, all never fried.

In old age, some of the most commonly-encountered problems people have include keeping weight gain away, keeping their muscles strong and built, and keeping hair on their head. Protein helps to solve all of these problems either directly or indirectly, and as such is an excellent health tool and supplement. Use it wisely, however, as protein from the wrong sources and in too high of a quantity can end up doing more harm than good. Just keep up a balance, and your health will begin to shine even as you age.